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Sonoran Standard is a small breeding program owned by veterinarian, Dr. Jordy, based in Phoenix, AZ.

We chose our name, Sonoran Standard, not just because of the size of our dogs, but because we want to raise the standard for breeding! Our focus is quality! From carefully choosing our sires and dams, to performing thorough health testing, to raising puppies with intention, we want to do it all the best way possible. We are proudly involved in the "Badass Breeder" community and we are committed to both learning from and mentoring other like-minded, high-quality breeders! Dog breeding has gotten a bad rap for many years because of poor practices, but we're here to show you that it can be done WELL and we are confident that you'll see the difference in our puppies! 

Our dogs are beloved family members first and foremost.

All breeding dogs either live in our home or in a loving guardian home. 

Puppies are born and lovingly raised in our family home, not in a kennel. 

Dams and sires in the program are thoroughly health tested to OFA CHIC standards prior to breeding.

Puppies are raised using the Badass Breeder Curriculum to ensure they are healthy, confident, and resilient.
We take great care to place each of our puppies with the best home so that our matches last a lifetime!



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Sonoran Standard Poodles & Bernedoodles

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