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Available Puppies



  • female 

  • chocolate merle tricolor parti

  • furnished (F/I), wavy coat, low shed

  • Embark DNA predicted 37lb, so likely 32-37lb

  • Flow can be cautious at first, but when she’s comfortable, she can light up a room! She’s fun and energetic, loves to play with toys, and can be mouthy. She responds well to praise and would be highly trainable for someone willing to put in the work! Her family will need to be committed to socialization from an early age so that she doesn’t develop fear of new things. She would do best with an active family that wants to include their dog on adventures or for a family with kids and/or another confident dog.


✨The Good Vibes✨ Litter

Savvy & Ledger blessed us with NINE F1b mini bernedoodles!

Ledger is an outside stud owned by Daisy Mountain Doodles & Sun Valley Goldendoodles. 

Important Dates

Birth Day December 10, 2022

Temperament Test January 27, 2022

Exam/1st Vaccine January 28, 2023

Pick Day January 29, 2022

 Go Home February 4-5, 2023*
$25 per day if not picked up by Feb 5th*

Ledger weighs 21 pounds and stands 17" at the shoulder and S
avvy is 51 pounds and stands 23" at the shoulder. We expect these puppies to fall somewhere between their parents' sizes, which makes them small enough to easily cuddle, but big enough to still do fun dog stuff! Each puppy comes with their own DNA test which predicts adult size, but please keep in mind that Embark frequently OVERESTIMATES adult size for poodles and doodles!


Tricolor, merle tricolor, trindle (like Savvy), and merle trindle in black OR chocolate. Pups have varying amounts of white, ranging from traditional tuxedo to flashy parti. 


The entire litter is furnished (fluffy facial hair) and we expect them all to be low to minimal shedding. Pups will have either wavy or curly coats. All will require frequent brushing and professional grooming. Each puppy comes with their own DNA test which helps us to predict coat type and expected shedding level. For more info about doodles coats click here.


FULLY HEATH TESTED parents! Savvy and Ledger are both DNA tested are 100% clear, including both types of DM, CDDY, and CDPA. Savvy has PennHIP, Good OFA hips prelims, as well as normal OFA elbow prelims, eyes, heart, dentition, and patellas. Ledger has amazing PennHIP scores (top 10%), as well as Good OFA hip prelims, and normal OFA elbow prelims, eyes, heart, dentition, and patellas. The COI (coefficient of inbreeding) for this litter is EXTREMELY low, between 1-3%. This is important because high COIs are associated with poorer health, infertility, and shorter lifespans.


Savvy is loving, loyal, and goofy. She makes us laugh every day. Ledger is confident, smart, great with kids, and playful. These puppies are going to be a nice medium on the energy spectrum, great for active families. All pups will have temperament testing performed prior to pick day to help match each puppy with their perfect family.

Pet Price:  $3,500 


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