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Maeve and Zeke have been bred for F1 Bernedoodles.

Zeke is a Bernese Mountain Dog stud owned by Raising Arrows Kennels. 

Estimated Timeline

Due Date January 31, 2023

Go Home March 28, 2023


Maeve is 41 pounds and 22 inches at the shoulder, while Zeke is about 63 pounds and 24" at the shoulder. We expect most puppies to fall somewhere between 45 and 65 pounds. Each puppy will come an Embark which predicts adult size.


The entire litter will be furnished (fluffy facial hair) with LOW SHED, WAVY COATS. Maeve does not carry weak furnishings.

We are expecting gorgeous traditional black TRICOLOR as well as SHADED SABLE with white tuxedo markings.


We are expecting these puppies to be amazing pets and have potential for service work. Maeve is smart, driven, a great hiking & jogging partner, but also the BEST cuddler! Zeke is gregarious, great with kids, loyal, and calm.


Maeve and Zeke are both FULLY HEALTH TESTED, including DNA. Maeve has her OFA CHIC certification including OFA Eyes, OFA heart, and PennHIP. Zeke has OFA hips, elbows, heart, and patellas.

Price: $4,000

Litter List:

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Litter is temporarily closed for reservations until puppies are born.
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Maeve's past puppies