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✨ Yogi Litter 

Maeve and Zeke blessed us with FIVE gorgeous F1 Bernedoodles, 3 girls and 2 boys.

Zeke is a Bernese Mountain Dog stud owned by Raising Arrows Kennels.

Important Dates

Birth Day January 29, 2023

Temperament Test March 18, 2023

Pick Day March 19, 2023

Go Home March 26, 2023
*$25 per day if not picked up by March 26th*


Maeve is 41 pounds and 22 inches at the shoulder, while Zeke is about 63 pounds and 24" at the shoulder. We expect most puppies to fall somewhere between 50 and 65 pounds. Each puppy will come an Embark DNA test which helps to predicts adult size.


The entire litter will be furnished (F/I) with LOW SHED, WAVY COATS. Maeve does not carry weak furnishings. There are four SHADED SABLES with white tuxedo markings and one black tricolor in this litter.


We are expecting these puppies to be amazing pets and have potential for service work. Maeve is smart, driven, a great hiking partner, but also the BEST cuddler! Zeke is gregarious, great with kids, loyal, and calm.


Maeve and Zeke are both FULLY HEALTH TESTED, including DNA. Maeve has her OFA CHIC certification including OFA Eyes, OFA heart, and PennHIP. Zeke has OFA hips, elbows, heart, and patellas. Puppies could carry up to 1 copy of SOD1A DM on their DNA test, but because Maeve is 100% clear puppies are NOT at risk. We expect the COI (coefficient of inbreeding) for this pairing to be 0-1%. Low coefficients of inbreeding are associated with better health outcomes and longer lifespans than dogs with high COIs.

Pet Homes or Therapy/Service Prospects: $4,000

Breeder Rights with Health Guarantee: $5,000

Litter List:

1. Dharma is staying in our program to be a future mama!

2. Prana was picked by Daisy Mountain Doodles to be a future mama!

3. Om is heading to California!

4. Karma is heading to Tucson!

5. Guru is Available!




  • male 

  • shaded sable tuxedo

  • furnished, low shed, wavy coat

  • Embark estimated 67lb, we estimate 57-67lb

  • 11.5lb at 7 weeks

  • Normal Exam 

  • Temperament Summary:
    Om is nice middle of the road temperament. He scored a medium for energy, confidence, touch tolerance, and sight sensitivity. He is highly human focused and will be his family's shadow. He is a happy boy who loves playing with toys and would be a fun addition to an active home with or without children. 
    Potential challenges: His new family will need to find what motivates him, work on teaching him independence with time in the crate/playpen, and continue intentional socialization with people outside the home, new experiences, and loud noises. 


  • male 

  • shaded sable tuxedo

  • furnished, low shed, wavy coat

  • Embark estimated 69lb, we estimate 59-69lb (largest of the litter)

  • 12.7lb at 7 weeks

  • Normal Exam 

  • Temperament Summary:
    Guru is an absolute sweetheart! He is the lowest energy of this litter, but still loves to play! Overall, he has a middle of the road temperament. He's touch tolerant with a medium confidence. He will bond closely with his family, but can also entertain himself with toys at times. He would be a great addition to almost any family, unless you're looking for a dog to run marathons with you. This boy is more of a walker than a jogger.
    Potential Challenges: His family will have to find what motivates him and continue intentional socialization to new experiences. 



  • female 

  • shaded sable tuxedo

  • furnished, low shed, wavy coat

  • Embark estimated 61lb, we estimate 51-61lb (smallest of the litter)

  • 10.7lb at 7 weeks 

  • Vet Exam: Mild unilateral base narrow canine that will likely resolve in 1-2 weeks without treatment. 

  • Temperament Summary: Karma is sugary sweet, loves to give kisses, and will paw at you when she wants to be pet. She is medium energy and a joy to be around because her tail rarely stops wagging! She will bond closely with her family, but is also happy to entertain herself with toys sometimes. She responds well to verbal praise. I think she would do well with an active family, especially one with another confident dog!
    Potential Challenges: Her family will need to be committed to socialization and teaching her that new experiences (sight/sounds) are safe and fun! She might not be the best choice for ESA/Service work, but could do well with more quiet or older kids.