Maeve & Stash
F1b Bernedoodles

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Maeve and Stash have honeymooned and we are expecting a beautiful litter of F1b Bernedoodles on June 11,2022.

We CONFIRMED pregnancy on May 9th, 2022 via ultrasound.


We expect these puppies to be "medium to small standard" size. Our best guess is that puppies will range from 45 to 65 pounds at adulthood and be somewhere between 22 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder. We expect most males will be on the larger side of the spectrum. Some pups may fall outside of this range and we cannot guarantee the size of any puppies as adults. If having a dog over 50 pounds is a deal breaker for you, please choose a different litter. We will have a mini litter planned later in the year. 


The entire litter will be furnished (fluffy facial hair) and we expect them all to be low to non-shedding. Neither of the parents carry weak furnishings. Some pups will have curly coats and others will have more wavy coats. Curly coated pups will require slightly more grooming and brushing, more similar to a poodle. However, ALL of these pups will require a lot of grooming due to their low shedding hair coats!


This is going to be a rainbow litter! We are expecting black tricolor, chocolate tricolor, shaded sable with white, chocolate shaded sable with white, and apricot with white. These color variations will be in tuxedo or parti. 


We are expecting these puppies to be amazing companions and some may have potential as working dogs. Maeve is super smart, driven to please, and medium energy. She's athletic, a great jogging/hiking partner, but also the BEST cuddler in our family. Stash is sugary sweet, lower energy, and the perfect "big brother" to his guardian family's four kids. 


Both Maeve and Stash have been fully health tested. Maeve has her OFA CHIC certification including OFA Eyes, OFA heart, and PennHIP. Stash has OFA certification for his hips, elbows, heart, eyes, dentition, and patellas, in addition to PennHIP. All of the puppies will also have 100% clear DNA on Embark.  

Reservation list fees are accepted on a first come, first serve fashion from those who are on our pre-approved waitlist after the puppies are 2 weeks of age. If you're not already on our waitlist, please fill out the application listed below.


Reservation list fees are NON-REFUNDABLE so please be 100% sure that you are ready to commit to one of our puppies BEFORE placing your Reservation list fees! This will be credited towards the final price of your puppy. If you decide to wait for a future litter, you may move your fee to another bernedoodle litter within12 months. Pricing of future litters may vary. 

Placing a Reservation List Fee does NOT guarantee that a specific gender, color, coat type, or individual puppy will be available for you to select on Pick Day so please keep an OPEN MIND & HEART throughout this process. You'd be surprised that often things will work out better than you'd expect! In all the puppies I've picked for myself, I have NEVER chosen the same puppy at 7-8 weeks as I would have at 2 weeks. I encourage you to stay focused on the big picture, including individual temperament and traits (which we can only evaluate as they mature), rather than just color or gender. 

Go Home Weekend will likely be August 6th and 7th (by appointment only).


Please make arrangements to pick up your puppy in person on one of these days unless we have discussed another option for your family. If you are unable to pick up your puppy on Go Home Day, please reach out to me ASAP.

Reservation List Fee: 

 Pet Purchase Price, including tax:

Purchase Price includes: 

  2 year Health Guarantee 

 Microchip, 1st vaccines, and deworming

 Free 30 Trupanion Insurance Policy 

Results of your puppy's Embark DNA test

Small bag of food & lots of goodies!

CKC registration    


1. Fill our waitlist questionnaire/application and get approved to our waitlist. 

2. After the pups are 2 weeks of age, you will be notified via email to please submit your Reservation list fee ($500) via Zelle linked to our email address The order in which Reservation List Fees are received will determine your pick number so get it in ASAP! 

3. Once we receive your Reservation List Fee via Zelle, we will email you the Reservation List Contract to sign.

4. Please sign your Reservation List Contract via Docusign within 24 hours! 

Once you have completed all four steps you will be locked into your pick position and you will get updates on the litter! I will post photos of the litters about every 2 weeks. I will also share their DNA results, temperament test results, and any/all pertinent information that will help you to choose the best puppy for your family! When it gets closer we will make individual appointments (either facetime or in person) for you to choose your puppy. These appointments will last 30 minutes each. Please come to these appointments with an idea of at least your top three picks. For those families with later picks, you may end up choosing your puppy and take him/her home on the same day. 

Litter List:

1. Reserved for Sonoran Standard

2. Reserved for Service Dog Prospect

3. Available to Pet Home 

4. Available to Pet Home 

5. Available to Pet Home 

6. Available to Pet Home 

7. Available to Pet Home 

8. Available to Pet Home