Maeve & Stash
F1b Bernedoodles

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Maeve and Stash gave us six beautiful F1b Bernedoodles on June 11,2022


We expect these puppies to be "medium" size. Our best guess is that puppies will range from 40 to 65 pounds at adulthood and be somewhere between 22 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder. Some pups may fall outside of this range and we cannot guarantee the size of any puppies as adults. 


The entire litter is furnished (fluffy facial hair) and we expect them ALL to be low to non-shedding. Neither of the parents carry weak furnishings. Some pups will have curly coats and others will have more wavy coats. ALL of these pups will require a lot of grooming due to their low shedding hair coats!


We are expecting these puppies to be amazing companions and some may have potential as working dogs. Maeve is super smart, driven to please, and medium energy. She's athletic, a great jogging/hiking partner, but also the BEST cuddler in our family. Stash is sugary sweet, lower energy, and the perfect "big brother" to his guardian family's four kids. 


Both Maeve and Stash have been fully health tested including DNA. Maeve has her OFA CHIC certification including OFA Eyes, OFA heart, and PennHIP. Stash has OFA hips, elbows, heart, eyes, dentition, and patellas, in addition to PennHIP. 

Purchase Price includes: 

  2 year Health Guarantee 

 Microchip, 1st vaccines, and deworming

 Free 30 days Trupanion Insurance Policy 

Results of your puppy's Embark DNA test

Small bag of food & lots of goodies!

Litter List:

1. Reserved- Midori

2. Reserved - Mojito

3. Reserved - Mezcal

4. Reserved - Mimosa

5. Reserved - Merlot 

6. Reserved - Martini



  • Female

  • Chocolate tricolor

  •  Furnished, low shed, curly coat 

  • Estimated 40-45 pounds 

  • Temperament Results:
    - High Confidence
    - High Resilience 
    - Low Sight/Sound Sensitivity 

    - Medium Energy 
    -  Medium - High Motivation &  Play Drive 

    Kid & Dog friendly 

  • Pet Purchase Price $3,500