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Either Ember OR Terra will be paired with Marvel for Golden Mountain Doodles late summer/early fall! Which female we will choose depends predominantly on timing of when each girl starts her heat cyles. 


Estimated Timeline

Late Summer/Fall 2023

We are expecting these pups to be between 45 and 55 pounds at adulthood.

Each puppy will come with their own Embark DNA which helps to estimate adult size as well! 


We are expecting ALL TRICOLOR  in black or brown with varying amounts of whiteNo apricots/red.


The entire litter will be FULLY furnished (F/F) with minimal/non-shedding WAVY (+/-) coats.


Ember and Terra are both fully health tested, 100% clear DNA, have PennHIP, OFA hip prelims, OFA eyes, OFA dentition, OFA basic cardiac, and OFA patellas. Marvel carries one copy of ICH and one copy of SOD1B DM which pose NO risk to puppies. Marvel has already passed OFA eyes and will finish his health testing in 2023 prior to the pairing.


 I expect these puppies to have INCREDIBLE temperaments, be highly human focused, sweet natured, affectionate, and lower to medium energy All pups will be temperament tested prior to pick day to help match them with their families. 

Litter List

1. Reserved

2. Reserved

3. Reserved

4. Pending 

5. Available 

6. Available 


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