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Our plan is to breed Savvy to a goldendoodle stud named Oliver Jay for Golden Mountain Doodles.

These pups will be the perfect combination of Poodle, Golden Retriever, & Bernese Mountain Dog.

Oliver is an F1b Goldendoodle and Savvy is an F1 Bernedoodle. 

** If we cannot breed Savvy to Oliver Jay this cycle then she will be bred to a poodle stud for mini F1b Bernedoodles! **

(Waiting for Savvy to start her heat cycle)
Estimated Due Date  Nov-Dec 2022

Estimated Go Home  Jan-Feb 2023

Oliver weighs 35 pounds and stands 20" at the shoulder and S
avvy is 51 pounds and stands 23" at the shoulder. We expect most of these puppies to fall into the medium size category, somewhere between 35-50 pounds.


Color possibilities include tricolor, phantom, or trindle in traditional black/tan/white OR chocolate/tan/white, as well puppies who are golden/apricot with white.


The entire litter will be furnished (fluffy facial hair) and we expect them all to be low to non-shedding. Neither parents carry weak furnishings. Pups can have straight, wavy, or curly coats. 


Savvy is DNA tested (100% clear), and has PennHIP, OFA hip prelims (good), OFA elbow prelims, OFA eyes, OFA cardiac, and OFA patellas. Oliver is DNA tested and has OFA eyes, patellas, thyroid, and cardiac. He will have OFA finals for hips and elbows done in November. Oliver carries one copy of ICH (will not affect puppies) and is otherwise DNA clear. 


 I expect these puppies to be highly human focused, affectionate, and make ideal family companions. Oliver is calm, obedient, and gets along with everyone. Savvy is goofy, affectionate, and loyal. I'm expecting these puppies to be lower to medium on energy spectrum and have good play drive. All pups will be temperament tested prior to pick day. 


Reservation list fees are accepted on a first come, first serve. If you place a Reservation list fee before litter is born and Savvy does not get pregnant you will have the option for refund or to move to a future litter. Reservation list fees placed after the litter is born are NON-REFUNDABLE so please be 100% sure that you are ready to commit. If you decide to wait for a future litter, you may move your fee to another litter within the next 12 months. 

Our puppies are selected by their families after 7 weeks of age when we have the results of their temperament and DNA testing. Placing a Reservation List Fee does NOT guarantee that a specific gender, color, coat type, or individual puppy will be available for you to select on Pick Day so please keep an OPEN MIND & HEART throughout this process. You'd be surprised that often things will work out better than you'd expect! In all the puppies I've picked for myself, I have NEVER chosen the same puppy at 7-8 weeks as I would have at 2 weeks. I encourage you to stay focused on the big picture, including individual temperament and traits (which we can only evaluate as they mature), rather than just aesthetics.

Puppy comes with...

Results of your puppy's Embark DNA test

Temperament Testing Results

2 year Health Guarantee 

 Microchip, 1st vaccines, and deworming

 Free 30 Trupanion Insurance Policy 

Small bag of food & lots of goodies!


1. Fill our waitlist application. 

2. Get your Pick Position on the Litter list! 

3. Submit Reservation List Fee via Zelle.

4. Sign Reservation List Contract via Docusign. 

Once you have completed all four steps you will be locked into your pick position and you will continue to get updates on the litter! I will post photos of the litter at least every 2 weeks. I will also share their DNA results, temperament test results, and any/all pertinent information that will help you to choose the best puppy for your family!

When it gets closer we will make individual appointments (either facetime or in person) for you to choose your puppy. These appointments will last 30 minutes each. Please come to these appointments with an idea of at least your top three picks out of the remaining puppies. For those families with later picks, you may end up choosing your puppy and taking him/her home on the same day. Any puppies not spoken for after picks are done will become available for individual reservations.

Litter List:

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