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What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian homes allow us to expand our program while ensuring that each and every dog has an incredible life as a family pet! The guardian home program benefits both the dog, the guardian home family, and the breeder!



Guardian homes get to have one of our BEST dogs, typically the pick of the litter, and be a part of our mission to make incredible family dogs. Our dogs are worth several thousand dollars, but guardian homes only pay a $500 enrollment fee to be in the program. Guardians may also qualify for discounts on veterinary care, food, and/or boarding. We also give our guardian family a small monetary bonus for every litter produced!


  1. Must live in the Phoenix metropolitan area and not plan to move out of area for the next 6+ years.

  2. You cannot own another intact dog of the opposite sex at any point during those 6 years. This is to prevent accidental litters. Neutered and spayed dogs are totally OK!

  3. The dog must dwell primarily indoors, be kept up to date on vaccines, free of parasites, know basic obedience commands, and be kept well groomed. Poodles & doodles need to be professionally groomed and clipped a MINIMUM of every 6 wks with thorough brushing in between to prevent matting. 

  4. Just as you would for any pet, you'd be responsible for all "normal" dog expenses including food, veterinary care, and grooming. We pay to have each dog thoroughly health tested (DNA, Pennhip, OFA) and cover all breeding-related vet care. We take care of breeding, whelping, and raising the litters in our home, and cover ALL breeding related expenses. ​

  5. Must be committed to and willing to train basic obedience (ex. sit, down, stay, no jumping up, no mouthing) and provide appropriate socialization experiences between the ages 4-18 months of age. We highly recommend Zoom Room for training puppies and you will get your first class free!

  6. For female dogs, the family must be willing to have the dog live with us for up to 9 weeks at a time to raise and care for her puppies. Our goal for most females is to have 3 to 4 litters total. 
    For males, we will borrow the dog for breeding for 1 to 3 days at a time, several times per year. 
    If you're unable to be separated from your dog for extended periods of time, this program is not right for you! 

  7. Sonoran Standard retains legal ownership of the dog until his or her "retirement" when the dog is spayed or neutered at our cost. 

Next steps: 

  1. Fill out questionnaire below 

  2. Meet for in person interview

  3. Review contract and agree to terms 

  4. Pay $500 guardian program fee

  5. Take home your new family member! 

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