First Class Magic Maeven for Sonoran AKA "Maeve"

AKC Standard Poodle Female

Brown Shaded Sable Parti 
Height: 22.5" at the withers 
Weight: 41 pounds

Health Testing:

  • DNA CLEAR for all genetic diseases via Embark 


  • OFA CAER/Eyes Normal

  • OFA Cardiac Normal

  • PennHIP

  • OFA CHIC certified

Additional Testing:

  • Color Panel/Coat Traits Tested via Embark
    (kyky ayat bb Ee spsp mm FF +/+,
    intermediate red intensity,
    arries phantom & recessive red)

  • F/F via Paw print (no weak furnishings)

  • UC Davis Agouti - ASIP(SY)/ASIP(BB1)

    Maeve is absolutely brilliant and a dream to train. She's athletic and jumps like she has springs for legs! She's dad's favorite hiking and running partner. She's very human focused and affectionate, but also loves playing with other dogs. She has a lovely natural length tail and her dew claws. We think she is the perfect size dog, big enough to do all the dog stuff, but still small enough to pick up and hold like a baby! 

    As a shaded sable parti, she is darker than many other sable poodles you will find and we can't wait to see how gorgeous her sable bernedoodles puppies will be! She will also produce tricolor puppies, as well as red and white pups. All of her pups will be furnished and low shedding.