Sonoran's Mr. Marvelous  AKA "Marvel" 

Golden Mountain Doodle Male

Apricot parti (hidden phantom)

Height: TBD, still growing, estimated 24"

Weight: TBD, still growing, estimated 50lb

Health Testing:

  • Carrier 1 copy ICH1 via Embark

  • Carrier 1 copy SOD1B DM via Paw Print Genetics

  • Clear ICH2 by Parentage 

  • OFA eyes pending

  • PennHIP pending

Additional Testing:

  • Color Panel/Coat Traits Tested Embark
    (ee kyky ata bb spsp FF -/-, intensity 7/10)

  • F/F via Pawprint (no weak furnishings)

  • 62.2% Poodle | 27.1% Bernese | 10.7% Golden Retriever

Marv is the son of our F1 bernedoodle, Stash. We decided to keep this boy, not just because of his sweet face and temperament, but also his amazing genetics! He is fully furnished, genetically straight coated (no copies of curl), and he can produce chocolate and black tricolor pups! 

Marv lives in a guardian home.