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Puppy Raising

Puppies in our program are raised on a Service Dog Curriculum designed by "Badass Breeder", Jeanette Forrey. We have completed over 15 hours of continuing education through Badass Breeder and our proud to say we are a Comprehensive Badass Breeder

The Badass Breeder puppy raising curriculum involves intentional daily handling of puppies after 3 days of age and exposure to new stimuli, including new scents, sights, sounds, textures, people and places during their critical socialization periods. This curriculum helps to empower puppies to be confident family pets and/or working dogs. It helps to teach each puppy resilience and that the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly. 

Puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age. The temperament testing assesses for energy level, confidence, motivation, toy/prey drive, assertiveness, resiliency, sight/sound sensitivity, touch tolerance and human focus. Knowing these traits allows us to honor each puppy's unique needs and match each puppy's temperament to their family's lifestyle and preferences so that these matches last a lifetime! This system empowers families to choose their puppy with a WHOLISTIC approach vs. just picking a puppy based on color or sex. 

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Payments accepted via Cash or Zelle.
(Daily limits may apply to Zelle depending on your bank.)

*Prices are Subject to Change*

Reservation List Fee (non-refundable) $500 
*credited towards final purchase price

Puppy Purchase Price (Pet Homes) $3,500 - 4,500
*price depends on many factors (i.e. breed, size, generation, etc)

Puppy Purchase Price (Breeding Rights) $5,000 & Up

Purchase Price includes:

  • AKC registration (poodles) or CKC registration (doodles)

  • Proof of vaccination, fecal testing, and deworming

  • Purchase Agreement with a 2 year Health Guarantee 

  • Free thirty day Trupanion insurance policy 

  • Results of your puppy's DNA testing 

  • Small bag of puppy food to get you started

  • Microchip and information for registration

  • Extra goodies! 

If  you do not feel comfortable placing a reservation fee at 2 weeks because you will not know which puppy you will get, you're welcome to wait and see if we have any puppies left over after pick day. Any puppies still available will have individual photos, DNA results, and temperament test results posted on our website. These puppies will be first come, first serve to approved applicants and there are no holds without payment.


We do things a little differently!

1.) Application & Waitlist

Before puppies are born 

The easiest way to get a puppy is to have an approved application on file prior to the litter being born. We review applications and add approved families to our waiting list. There is no fee to be on the waitlist. An email will be sent to our waiting list families FIRST when we open each litter for reservation at 2 weeks.

2.) Reservation List Fee

Puppies 2 weeks old

Reservations List Fees of $500, are accepted from pre-approved waitlist families when puppies are 2 weeks old. This Fee is credited towards the total purchase price of your puppy. When you place your Reservation List Fee you will be told what NUMBER you have for pick day. The order of pick is determined by us using many factors, including but not limited to the order in which reservations are received. Breeding prospects and service dog prospects, when approved, may have pick priority over pet homes but the number of these prospects will be very limited for every litter. 

We always reserve "Pick of the litter" spot for our program so we are always number 1 on the list! This puppy may become available for a local guardian home. If you're interested in being a guardian home please read about our policies and fill out an application!

A Reservation List Fee does NOT guarantee that a specific puppy or the color you want will be available on pick day so please stay open minded! Many times, things work out better than you expect. 


Reservation List Fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred to future litter for up to 12 months. However, waiting for a future litter does not guarantee a higher pick priority and pricing of future litters may vary.

3.) Pick Your Puppy!

Puppies 7 to 8 weeks old

Families with a paid Reservation List Fees will pick their puppy AFTER 7 weeks of age once temperament testing is performed and we have the results of individual genetic testing.  Pick day may or may not be go-home day depending on how things work out.  Although many breeders allow you to pick your puppy long before this, we feel that this is a doing a disservice to the family and the puppy. We look at each puppy as a whole (temperament, genetics, color, coat characteristics, conformation, etc) and present ALL of that information to our clients in order to match the right puppy with the BEST family for them!