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Prepping for your pup!

Mark your calendar

Log important dates (i.e. pick day & go home day). Request time off to be home with your pup for at least the first 48-72 hours!

Call your vet

You will need to take your puppy to your vet within the first week so book your appointment now! It can take few weeks to get an appointment.

Do your research

If it's been a while or if you've never raised a puppy before make sure to prepare ahead of time! Resources linked below!

Puppy proof

Set up the puppy's kennel, pen, and any gates needed. Pick up everything off the floor including shoes, kid's toys, & rugs. Remove hazards 

such as cords and plants.

Go shopping

You'll need a crate, play pen, bowls, collar, leash, harness, etc. Check out our Amazon shopping list!

Get some sleep

You can expect your puppy to take a few days to settle in. He/she will wake up several times per night and may whine in the kennel. Always be kind and patient to your puppy. It will get better!

Go Home Day

Arrive for your appointment!

Sign contract, register microchip & insurance

Pay for your puppy

Take your puppy home! 

Please arrive promptly at your appointment time for go home day. We have to organize several puppies going home so delays can impact the next client's appointment. 

You will be asked to sign your puppy's Purchase Agreement & Health Guarantee via docusign, fill out your puppy's microchip registration with your contact information, as well as sign up for your free 30 trial of Trupanion pet insurance. These are all done digitally!

You must pay the remaining balance prior to taking your puppy home. We prefer payment to be in CASH (FYI yes, we still report income to IRS.) We will also honor cash pricing if you submit your final payment via Zelle. Please check with your bank ahead of time to ensure you can send the entirety of the fee via Zelle as many banks have a lower daily limit. Payments in any other form are subject to additional fees and can delay your ability to take your puppy home. Please plan ahead! 

Please secure your puppy in someone's lap (NOT the driver), a puppy car seat, or a travel kennel for the ride home. It is not uncommon for puppies to get car sick when they are very young so be prepared for messes just in case! 

Go Home Bag

  1.  Folder with your puppy's important documents

  2. Bag of puppy food
    (DO NOT change your puppy's food for first 2 wks!)

  3. Basic grooming supplies to get you started

  4. Treat pouch & clicker

  5. Puzzle Toy & more!



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