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We are planning an F1b mini/medium bernedoodle litter with Savvy & Blaze!
Blaze is owned by Emily from First Class Standard Poodles in Orem, Utah.

Estimated Timeline:

Birth Day June - July

Go Home August - September 

Blaze weighs 23
 pounds and stands 17" at the shoulder and S
avvy is 53 pounds and stands 23" at the shoulder. We expect MOST these puppies to fall somewhere between 30-50 pounds. Each pup comes with their own DNA test which helps to predicts adult size.


Color possibilities include black tricolor, black trindle, black phantom abstract, black tricolor parti, black trindle parti, as well as a small number of apricot pups with varying amounts of white. Examples of these color patterns below.


The entire litter will be furnished (fluffy facial hair) and we expect them all to be low to minimal shedding. Pups will have either wavy or curly coats. All will require frequent brushing and professional grooming. Each puppy comes with their own DNA test which helps us to predict coat type and expected shedding level. 


FULLY HEATH TESTED parents! Savvy and Blaze are both fully DNA tested are 100% clear. Both have PennHIP testing, as normal OFA eyes, heart, dentition, and patellas. Savvy also has normal OFA elbows & Good OFA hip prelims. 


Savvy is loving, affectionate, and makes us laugh every day. She loves playing fetch, is food motivated, eager to please, and is protective of our family and home. Blaze is lower drive, friendly (even with strangers), and food motivated. All pups will have temperament testing performed prior to pick day to help match each puppy with their perfect family. 


Pet Homes, Therapy or Service Prospect: $4,000

Litter List

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