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BB Sonoran Mountain Stash

F1 Bernedoodle Stud


Height: 25.5" at the withers
Weight: 65lb 

Health Testing: 

  • DNA CLEAR via Embark


  • *Carrier (not at risk) one copy DM SOD1B BMD type - Test by Paw Print Genetics*

  • Clear PRA-CD4 via Paw Print

  • PennHIP ( R = 0.46 | L = 0.48 )

  • OFA Hip Prelim Good

  • OFA Elbow Prelim Normal

  • OFA CAER/Eyes Normal

  • OFA Cardiac Normal

  • OFA Dentition Normal

  • OFA Patellas Normal

Additional Testing: 

  • Color Panel/Traits via Embark
    (kyky atat Ssp Bb Ee mm F/I +/-
    intermediate red intensity, carries
    brown, recessive red, & parti,
    no RALY/creeping tan)

Stash is our idea of the perfect Bernedoodle! He's got a perfect Berner temperament! He's calm and cuddly, but also smart and learns quickly. His coat his soft, wavy, and low shedding. He loves all humans and other dogs, big and small. Stash is co-owned by Daisy Mountain Doodles and lives in a guardian home.


 Stash is proven and available for stud to approved females who have tested negative for DM.

Bernedoodle females must be tested for BOTH TYPES of DM, SOD1A & SOD1B.

Please note that SOD1B is NOT included in Embark's DNA panel!

Stud Fee:

  • $1,500 first breeding            

  • $250 for each additional      

*additional fees for AI and shipping*

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Stash's Puppies

F1b Bernedoodle

F1b Bernedoodle

@thatservicebernedoodle_echo on Instagram

Golden Mountain Doodles

Golden Mountain Doodles

Daisy Mountain Doodles & Sonoran Standard

Dax - F1b Bernedoodle

Dax - F1b Bernedoodle

Owned by Sonoran Standard & Sun Valley Goldendoodles

F1b Bernedoodles

F1b Bernedoodles

Sonoran Standard

F1b Bernedoodles

F1b Bernedoodles

Sun Valley Goldendoodles

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