Sonoran's Queen of Hearts AKA "Vegas"

Golden Mountain Dog Female

Phantom Abstract 
Height: TBD, still growing, estimated 24"

Weight: TBD, still growing, estimated 65lb

Health Testing:

  • DNA CLEAR for DM SOD1A, DM SOD1B, ICH1 , ICH2, VwD, PRA GR 1, PRA GR 2, PRA PRCD, NCL5 via Canine Health Check

  • PennHIP ( R = 0.44 | L = 0.41)​

  • OFA hip prelims fair

  • OFA elbow prelims normal

  • OFA eyes normal

Additional Testing:

  • Color/Coat Traits - unfurnished, straight coat,
    carries red and irish spotting
    (Ee kyky atat BB Ssi IC/IC -/-, 1 copy low shed)


Vegas is our super special Golden Mountain Dog! She is 1/2 Bernese Mountain Dog and 1/2 Golden Retriever. She is calm, sweet natured, has the cutest smile, and likes to give hugs. She has a medium shedding, unfurnished coat. She will produce Golden Mountain Doodles intended to work as therapy dogs, service dogs, and of course family companions too! Vegas lives with a loving guardian family.